Adult Kempo

Our adult classes are designed to meet the needs of the student. We teach from two complete styles of martial arts. The student may choose which style they would like to study. One of the styles is called Anshinkai-do Karate, meaning “The Way of the Peaceful Mind”. The other style or study is Kosho Ryu Kempo, “Old Pine Tree School”. Both systems teach off of self-defense philosophy and not a sport based system. The student will learn karate basics, kata or forms and self-defense techniques. These areas of study will help reduce stress of day to day life. They will also help with strength, coordination, focus, discipline and balance.

Our adult students explained that since they have started they have noticed the following:

  • Better flexibility with stretching
  • Core muscles are stronger and have reduced back issues
  • The classes have exercised their mind and has increased their memory
  • An increase in connecting the mind and body
  • They see this time as a time for themselves to be better for their family
  • One area that is huge is the increase in confidence

Our adult students do not feel that they need to keep up with the younger students. They say they feel comfortable within our school. The ability of the instructors to modify applications for the individual and their strengths and limitations.