Kids Kempo

Our Kids Kempo classes provide karate and self-defense education for kids of all skill levels and experience.

Starting at age 7, our kids programs challenge your child in a non-threatening environment, allowing for continued martial arts and personal growth as they improve their skill set and mature.

(Looking for martial arts classes for your 4-6 year-old? Check out our Tiny Tigers program.)

Beginners | Intermediate and Advanced | Warrior Scholar Program

Kids Kempo for Beginners

Our beginner Kids Kempo classes introduce your child to karate basics, such as:

  • kicking
  • punching
  • blocking
  • self-defense
  • kata (forms)

Your child will also learn dojo etiquette and respect, as well as how to become more disciplined and focused. We also study martial arts history and Japanese terminology.

This program will quickly improve their balance, strength and coordination. We also see vast growth in self-confidence, self-certainty, and self-control.

Come join us for a free class and see if our program is right for your family!

Intermediate and Advanced Kids Kempo

Our intermediate and advanced Kids Kempo classes are a step up from the beginner’s classes.

In addition to more advanced karate basics, forms and self-defense techniques, we prepare these students to become the next leaders not only in their school, but also in their everyday lives.

Your child will also be eligible to join our Leadership Program. The Leadership Program introduces the Jo (short staff) curriculum, as well as instruction in leadership skills such as:

  • communication
  • courage
  • endurance
  • honesty & integrity
  • humility
  • respect

Our leadership students are given weekly home assignments to practice these core leadership values (i.e. how to practice Respect, which means, “To hold someone or something in high regard.”)

Come join us for a free class and see if our program is right for your family!

Warrior Scholar Program

Our Warrior Scholar Program is an honor to be invited into for our most advanced students.

In this program, your child will learn the full Kosho Ryu Kempo curriculum as well as other forms from other systems, such as Tiger Crane from the Chi Ling Pai Gung Fu system. These students are also introduced to other weapons, including:

  • sai
  • sword
  • kama
  • escrima

Our Warrior Scholar students also have monthly home assignments (i.e. reading a chapter from “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” book).

They also continue to work on their core leadership values, including helping or assistant teaching in the beginner Kids Kempo or Tiny Tiger classes. This further develops their leadership character by modeling or mentoring other students.

Come join us for a free class and see if our program is right for your family!

A family-friendly dojo that focuses on true self defense, along with character development and confidence building.